5 Totally Awesome 80s Mecha Anime

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Today we’re looking at some of the coolest mecha anime to come out of the 80’s!

Remember, this list was chosen based off my research. The purpose of these lists is to introduce anime to a new generation of otaku. These fans didn’t have the chance to grow up with the same shows we did.

If you did grow up with these shows, tell me about it in the comments! Which is your favorite? Let’s keep the fandom alive and welcome the new fans.

No Ani-Mondays for you? No problem! Let’s take a look at some awesome 80’s mecha shows to get you started!

Genesis Climber Mospeada

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This show is really cool—it’s called Genesis Climber Mospeada. It originally aired in 1983.

The story takes place in a post apocalyptic future. Humanity has been split into two groups. One group managed to evade the problems of Earth by escaping to Mars. The other remains on Earth and soon finds themselves under alien threat.

Will the two groups manage to save the planet?

It’s worth noting that Mospeada is an acronym for Military Operation Soldier Protect Emergency Aviation Dive, which is a really cool transforming mecha motorcycle!

The series was created by Shini Aramaki and Hideki Kakinuma. The studios responsible include Tatsunoko and the now defunct Artmic.

Space Runaway Ideon

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This next series was both directed and created by artist Yoshiyuki Tomino. You may know him best for his work, Mobile Suit Gundam.

This series is known in English as Space Runaway Ideon. I had to include this series on my list, I’m a sucker for space operas!

The story takes place in a super futuristic human society. It’s hundreds of years into the future and humans have left Earth. Unlike the last series, humans have made their way to distant solar systems.

Everything starts when a few archaeologists are searching on a planet called Solo. They soon discover remnants of the Ideon—a huge multi-part mecha.

This is a well received franchise with a lot of support, even today in the community. It first debuted in 1980 thanks to Studio Sunrise. If you’re a fan of Tomino’s work, you’ve got to check this one out.


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Up next we have an incredible retro anime classic. This series is very beloved by its fans—and they are die hard fans to this day!

This is Macross. It’s an incredible series created by Shouji Kawamori in 1982. If you’re looking for a good mecha series to get started with, this one is arguably perfect.

In this story, all of the countries in the world have to band together once a mysterious alien presence becomes known. A huge mecha crashes to Earth, so the planet investigates the machine and decides to restore it.

Everything is going well until the Earth finds itself under complete attack. While trying to escape, the Macross accidentally takes itself and the surrounding city wayyyyy out into space.

The franchise was brought about by Studio Nue. If you like shows with good character progression that deal with serious themes, you should probably check out Macross.

Project A-Ko

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This next title is definitely unique. It has almost everything you need in an anime—aliens, giant robots, school girls, and tons of action!

The story takes place in a huge futuristic city where our main characters can be found. Just when everything has some sense of normalcy, it turns out an alien spaceship is on its way to planet Earth. But they’re not looking to invade, they’re look for their princess!

If you’re looking looking for a fun, comedy/mecha/scifi mashup from the 80s, this is gonna be it! If you’re already a fan of retro anime, you’re gonna see a lot of references in this movie.

The movie directed and written by Katsuhiko Nishijima, and assisted by two more writers Tomoko Kawasaki and Yuji Moriyama. The movie was produced by A.P.P.P. and released in 1986.

Honorable Mention

Time Bokan: Rescueman, Gyakuten! Ippatsuman, and Yattodetaman

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I love Time Bokan, it’s such a fun franchise. Back in the 80’s, there were THREE Time Bokan shows known as Time Bokan: Rescuman, Gyakuten! Ippatsuman, and Yattodetaman.

Bubblegum Crisis

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Alrighty guys, here it is! The top of the list.

This show is a classic and beloved by so many fans. To this day, if you mention it in the Discord server, you’re met with a level of enthusiasm and praise for the series.

It takes place in a futuristic Tokyo called MegaTokyo. The city was built using specially designed robots known as Boomers. These little guys were useful at first but soon became a problem.

The story follows our heroes, The Knight Sabers—a gang of heroes stepping up to fight the robotic menace taking over MegaTokyo.

If you’re into retro cyberpunk stuff, you’re gonna really like this show. It’s so cool.

It was written by Toshimichi Suzuki and animated by Studio AIC and the now defunct Artmic. The show originally debuted in 1987.

I want to take a moment to say thank you to each and every one of you. I have a lot of fun making these lists. The community we’ve created is so fun to wake up to every day.

I love exploring these shows with you guys, and can’t wait to discover more. If you want to join in, come visit us in the official Discord server!

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