90’s Shoujo Anime You Probably Missed

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Hi there! As the title suggests, I’ve gathered a list of 90’s shoujo anime that might have slipped by you.

But first things first…

What’s A Shoujo?

The term shoujo refers to content—in this case anime or manga—made for girls. It doesn’t define a genre so much as it does it’s target demographic. The term was coined in the early 1900’s when magazines were released with names like “Shoujo No Tomo” or “Girls Friend”.

Fast forward a century or so and you’ll find the term is used to categorize a wide array of media. There can be some confusion in the West as we typically don’t reserve our content into this category.

It’s common to find a wide selection of shows in the shoujo category—from Sailor Moon to Fruits Basket. There’s thousands of shows that meet the criteria.

So let’s get started! In no particular order—here’s some 90’s shoujo anime you probably missed!

Revolutionary Girl Utena

90s shoujo anime retro anime


Revolutionary Girl Utena follows the story of a girl named Utena. Without spoiling too much of the plot, she embarks on an incredible journey at Ootori Academy. Through an unexpected chain of events, she meets a mysterious woman named Anthy who completely changes her goals and effectively her life.

The series is unique in that the anime and manga adaptations developed simultaneously. The manga was created by Chiho Saito in 1996 while the anime was directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara. The anime debuted a year later in 1997.

However, as one would expect, the two projects ended up taking different directions and both conclude with different endings. While some fans prefer one series to the other, others appreciate both endings and enjoy the extra content.

The series has been very well received over the years and is definitely worth a watch.

Akazukin Chacha

90s shoujo anime retro anime


This series follows the story of Akazukin Chacha—a young magician who wears a bright red hood! Akazukin literally translates to “red hooded”, this is fitting as the series is based off the classic story “Little Red Riding Hood”.

Akazukin Chacha was created by manga artist Min Ayahana in 1991. Publisher Shueisha released the series in Ribon Magazine.The manga was later met with an anime adaptation in 1994.

Chacha gains the ability to transform herself into a Magical Princess. She’s supported by an unforgettable group of characters including Riiya and Shiine. Riiya is her love interest/werewolf who helps her use and understand her new magical abilities. If you need a cute shoujo anime for your list, you should check out Akazukin Chacha.

Boys Over Flowers

90s shoujo anime retro anime


Working class Tsukushi Makino struggles to blend in with the rich students of Eitoku Academy. An elite group calls itself the Flower Four—or just the “F4” for short. The hot headed leader of the F4, Tsukasa Domyouji, comes to develop a romantic interest in Tsukushi. However, this is only after she refuses to fawn over him like the other ladies of Eitoku Academy.

Tsukushi pursues her interest in violinist Rui Hanazawa—Tsukasa’s best friend. The series follows the complicated growth of their personal relationships. Who will Tsukushi fall for? You’ll have to watch it to find out! I’m not spoiling it here.

The manga was created by Yoko Kamio in 1992 and published by Shueisha. The anime series, directed by Shigeyasu Yamauchi, aired from 1996 to 1997. Boys Over Flowers is generally well received and definitely worth watching if you’re after a fun, retro, romantic comedy.


90s shoujo anime retro anime


Kodocha is a manga series created by Mino Obana. It was released by Shueisha in 1995 under the Ribon Video Label. A respective anime series was released only one year later in 1996. The anime adaptation was created by Studio Gallop and NAS.

The story follows Sana Kurata—an eleven-year-old child actress going to a regular school. Sana learns the ins and outs of public school while trying to maintain her acting career. She encounters a troublesome boy named Akito Hayama, who seemingly exists only to disturb her otherwise peaceful classroom.

The series develops the two as they learn about each other and share their common struggles. They help each other and their peers through hilarious antics and unexpected story lines. The series an award winning comedy—and is said to be a must have for any manga collection!

Did I miss your favorite shoujo anime? Tell me what it is. And be sure to share this page with a friend for more juicy otaku lists like these.

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