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What Counts As Retro Anime?

Static Peach accepts any anime created before the year 2000.

Reaching A New Generation Of Otaku

Static Peach brings retro anime to a new generation of otaku. Find new shows and take a closer look at the evolution of anime over time. Did you grow up with retro anime? Static Peach is a great opportunity to revisit some of your favorite shows.

Owned And Operated By Ash

Static Peach is owned and operated by Ash. That’s me, I’m writing this post and I’m the one you hear in the YouTube videos. I’m a 26 year old artist and writer who has a serious thing for retro anime. I created Static Peach to bring retro anime to a new generation of otaku—but also to welcome a community of existing fans. I believe everyone deserves a chance to explore this awesome genre of animation. Without retro anime, we wouldn’t have modern anime!

You Can Join The Community!

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