5 Awesome 90s Magical Girl Anime

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There’s something so awesome about the magical girl genre. It’s played off itself to make tons of adorable tropes, trends, and magical designs. I can’t get enough of it, and I know you can’t either. So let’s take a look at some of the best magical girl anime from the 90’s.

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Now let’s get started.

Kaitou Saint Tail

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This magical series follows Meimi Haneoka. She’s a 14 year old girl with a magical secret! At night, Meimi becomes Sail Tail—a magical hero. She goes out of her way to steal from thieves and return things to the proper owners. Meimi is supported by her friend and several other unique characters.

This story was written by Megumi Tachikawa in 1995. The anime was released by Studio Tokyo Movie Shinsha.

Miracle Girls

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This story is about two amazing magical twins! Their names are Tomomi and Mikage Matsunaga. Together, they’re known as the Miracle Girls. These two have an amazing telepathic link. When they link their pinky fingers together, they gain the ability to teleport!

The story was written by Nami Akimoto in 1991. The manga was adapted into an anime series by studio Japan Taps.

Mahou No Angel Sweet Mint

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This story is super cute! It follows a girl named Mint. She’s a princess from a land of dreams. Her world mirrors the dreams had by the people of Earth. Everything is going great until her world begins to fill with darkness. When she turns 12, her Dad agrees to let her venture to Earth in order to help save their world and restore the people of Earth’s faith in dreams.

It was written by Brother Noppo in 1990 and released by studio Ashi Productions.

Hime-chan No Ribbon

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Hime-chan No Ribbon is about Erika, the princess of the Magic Kingdom! She’s on Earth looking for another girl that looks just like her—a girl named Himeko Nonohara. It’s up to Erika to help prove Himeko as her royal successor with a magical ribbon.

This series was written by Megumi Mizusawa in 1990. It was released as an anime by Studio Gallop and NAS in 1992.

Corrector Yui

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And lastly on my list we have Corrector Yui. This story follows Yui. She’s a futuristic magical girl with a digital twist. In this universe, every computer is connected to a network called COMNET. Yui isn’t computer savvy, but after some Freakazoid shit, she ends up fighting an AI as a digital style magical girl!

The manga was written by Keiko Okamoto and Kia Asamiya in 1999.

Honorable Mentions

Sailor Moon

You can’t have a 90’s magical girl list without touching on the classics! As an honorable mention I’d like to recommend Sailor Moon. I would argue most of you have heard of this series, but for those didn’t have the opportunity to grow up with it, I highly recommend you check this one out. It’s classic for a reason.

Cardcaptor Sakura

And the second honorable mention I have is Cardcaptor Sakura. This was another genre defining series that had a huge impact on mainstream anime culture. If you’ve heard of this series and haven’t seen it yet, it might be time to check it out!

There we are! That’s 7 incredible shows to kick start your 90s magical girl adventures. If you want more lists like these, you can support the blog by joining the community or visit the official shop.

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